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The V.I.P Team

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Tamara Hudleston

Tamara Hudleston is originally from the Isle of Wight where she grew up doing the usual Pony Club activities. 

After A' levels decided to concentrate on horses and was based with Dries Roefs, Dutch International Grand Prix rider, where she learnt about management and riding of dressage horses. With three horses she went from a novice dressage rider to competing successfully at the national championships. 

After this Tamara spent some time in South Africa working in local schools and teaching art and music to underprivileged children.   

Tamara then went to the university of Durham where she graduated with a BA Hons in Philosophy, followed by an MSc in Psychology.   

Since this time Tamara has continued her work with people in need and well as the conceptual development of the Very Important Pad.

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Amanda Renouard (née Bartlam)

Amanda Renouard has a lifetime of experience in the equestrian industry.

Having graduated from Harper Adams, Amanda spent her formative years working  for both Dodson and Horrell Ltd and Dengie Horse Feeds, thus developing a comprehensive knowledge of equine nutrition, sales and marketing. She has subsequently worked in both PR and marketing, during which time she has also acted as rider representative for a number of leading international equestrian athletes.

Amanda acted as Chef d’Equipe for the Irish Dressage Team at the World Equestrian Games at Normandy in 2014 and regularly attends high level equestrian events across Europe.

She is based with her family in south-west France where she is also the owner of a private Dressage stud.


The Very Important Pad

With the well-being and performance of our horses in mind, we looked at the available gel pad products on the market and thought we could do better! We discovered Akton™ as our raw material; a renowned viscoelastic polymer that has been rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of human grade, peer reviewed, research. It is universally trusted in human clinical and sporting settings for its superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities.

Your horses deserve the best. With the Very Important Pad theywill become VIP’s!

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the very important pad is unique

  • Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression
  • Soft, flexible and seamless with no pressure causing trims
  • Moulds to your horses back like a low profile second skin
  • A thin film gullet eliminates pressure on the horse’s spine
  • Only 8mm thick so does not alter your saddle fit
  • Bobbles increase surface area, alleviating pressure points and evenly distributing weight
  • Non-sticky, does not cause friction or pluck hair when removed

Made from Akton™, a renowned viscoelastic polymer

  • Rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of scientific research
  • Universally trusted in human clinical and sporting settings for its superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities
  • Draws and disperses heat from the horses back, regulating temperature
  • Hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth
Natalie Baker is an equine physiotherapist based on the South coast of England. She has been trying out the Very Important Pad with some of her clients and chats with Tamara about the benefits she has seen.