V.I.P in the Media

We are excited that the word is spreading about the fantastic, immediate improvements that the Very Important Pad can make to your horse's way of going. Here is a collection of reviews from people who have already spent some time with their VIPs and seen the benefits for themselves.

Online Reviews


It’s A V.I.P For A Reason : The Equestrian Life Review

Equestrian Life magazine put the Very Important Pad through it’s paces at the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. Find out how it benefited both the horse and the riders in their article.

Brace Yourself.jpeg

Brace Yourself Blog

Elise Blair gives a thorough review of the Very Important Pad and how it the positive effect it has had on her  and her horse Dave.

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Gift Horse Eventing

Chloë researched the Very Important Pad after her saddler suggested it. After some thorough research she jumped right in and tried it on her horse Bolly.



Kirsty Pearce reviews how the Very Important Pad helped with her back and neck pain by absorbing some of her horse, Lizzy's, very bouncy trot and canter,

Customer Testimonials

Here is a collection of testimonials from our enthusiastic customers, who have experienced the benefits of The Very Important Pad first-hand. 

I ride in beautiful saddles that are fitted correctly. I was impressed that finally there was a saddle pad with research to prove the issues of impact and pressure. I want a saddle pad that will help to protect my horse’s back but does not alter saddle fit. The VIP does this and more.
— Roland Tong, Irish International Dressage Rider
I have been using the VIP pad for 3 weeks and definitely feeling a difference in both our flat and jump sessions and am sure it’s added extra comfort whilst out hacking. Very worthwhile investment!
— Vicki Copeland
I’m super pleased with my pad, wore it for the first time to do 2 dressage tests, got over 5% more marks than in the same tests a week before!
My boy is super sensitive but seems to relax through his back quicker and more willing to go forward, only difference is the VIP pad.

Happy pony = happy mummy!
— Pollie-anna Paige
I love my pad!! It’s made a huge difference to my lads muscles!! Will definitely be recommending the pad to my clients!!
— Rebecca "Alice" Godleman
Absolutely thrilled with our VIP. A revolutionary, innovative, quality protection for your horse. Will not ride without it. VIP highly recommended.
— Claire Galer
Very impressed with the V.I.P. It has made such a difference to the softness of my mares back and the pad definitely does not affect the saddle fit that other brands tend to do.
— Marnie Long
I was a bit sceptical as with all new horsey products on the market but this really is a VIP Pad

I took a pad on a 2 week trial, as my pony holds alot of tension through her back and I have noticed a massive difference in her way of going and would recommend this pad
— Rachel Spencer-Fleet