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Here is a collection of testimonials from our enthusiastic customers, who have experienced the benefits of The Very Important Pad first-hand. 

I ride in beautiful saddles that are fitted correctly. I was impressed that finally there was a saddle pad with research to prove the issues of impact and pressure. I want a saddle pad that will help to protect my horse’s back but does not alter saddle fit. The VIP does this and more.
— Roland Tong, Irish International Dressage Rider
I have been using the VIP pad for 3 weeks and definitely feeling a difference in both our flat and jump sessions and am sure it’s added extra comfort whilst out hacking. Very worthwhile investment!
— Vicki Copeland
I’m super pleased with my pad, wore it for the first time to do 2 dressage tests, got over 5% more marks than in the same tests a week before!
My boy is super sensitive but seems to relax through his back quicker and more willing to go forward, only difference is the VIP pad.

Happy pony = happy mummy!
— Pollie-anna Paige
I love my pad!! It’s made a huge difference to my lads muscles!! Will definitely be recommending the pad to my clients!!
— Rebecca "Alice" Godleman
Absolutely thrilled with our VIP. A revolutionary, innovative, quality protection for your horse. Will not ride without it. VIP highly recommended.
— Claire Galer
Very impressed with the V.I.P. It has made such a difference to the softness of my mares back and the pad definitely does not affect the saddle fit that other brands tend to do.
— Marnie Long
I was a bit sceptical as with all new horsey products on the market but this really is a VIP Pad

I took a pad on a 2 week trial, as my pony holds alot of tension through her back and I have noticed a massive difference in her way of going and would recommend this pad
— Rachel Spencer-Fleet